Dietary yeast production

There are three main streams during deep processing of wheat: gluten (the most valuable one, it is sent to dry), then starch A (starches, syrups, organic acids, amino acids are obtained from it), as well as starch B and pentosans fractions.

Dietary yeast production from carbohydrate raw materials is a traditional and well-developed process. There were no technologies for deep processing of grain in Russia until recently, that's why molasses and DDGS were the traditional raw materials for dietary yeast production.

ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING has developed a technology that is not new in nature, but it is unique in terms of raw materials used and process solutions, where dietary yeast is produced from B-starch and pentosans.

Dietary yeast is a high-quality protein supplement for the most demanding compound feeds (juveniles in poultry, pig and fish farming), premixes and albuminous vitamin-mineral additives.

ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING selected the producer strain, developed the technology and conducted a series of industrial fermentations (based on the Microbial Physiology research Institute), during which experimental batches of dietary yeast biomass were developed and samples of finished products – high-protein feed additive were obtained.

High-protein feed additive production technology consists of the following main stages: hydro-enzymatic processing of incoming carbohydrate raw material, nutrient media preparation, yeast culture preparation, fermentation, culture liquid concentration on a vacuum evaporation unit, concentrate drying on a spray dryer, finished product packaging and shipping it to consumers. Hydro-enzymatic processing of the initial carbohydrate raw material is composed of enzymatic hydrolysis of starch and other components of the raw material carrying out at the specified temperature and pH values. Nutrient media preparation involves pH and temperature adjustment of the resulting substrate, as well as all necessary components provision at the desired parameters of the fermentation process (mineral nutrient salts, vitamins, antiseptics, etc.). Fermentation can be carried out by continuous-flow and off take-refill methods. The fermentation process is carried out with medium intensive aeration, with strict pH and temperature control of the medium. All parameters of the fermentation process are controlled and maintained automatically. Vacuum-concentrating and drying processes are designed in such a way as to ensure maximum energy efficiency of the technology, while maintaining the highest level of feed and nutritional properties of the finished product.

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