Complete supply of deep grain processing facilities

ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING performs construction of high-tech facilities for deep processing of grains. Deep processing of grains technology involves the extraction of all valuable components of the grain and the preparation of products with high added value, which may be used in various fields of industry:

Raw materials for deep processing of grains:

ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING technology for deep processing of grains combines the most advanced and state-of-the-art achievements of international engineering companies and the unique experience accumulated by the grain-processing industry in Russia and countries of the CIS.

Integrated grain processing, using all its component parts, is currently a promising technology and greatly helps to raise the economic efficiency of production.

Demand for high-level processing products rises every year, both on Russian and international markets. The steadiest growth in Russia belongs to lysine consumption, associated with the development of poultry and pig farming. Citric acid, modified starches, glucose and fructose syrups also show stable growth trends in consumption. On the international markets, consumption of biodegradable plastics based on lactic acid are enjoying active growth. According to adopted norms, car gasoline in the European Union and the USA should contain from 10-20% bioethanol by 2020.

One of the main advantages of deep processing of grains complexes is the ability to regulate the volumes of products made at different stages, which helps to adapt the production process to the current market requirements and to make the production process more economical.


Complete supply of deep grain processing facilities 


During pre-design stage, we also offer grain analysis services.

Grain analysis allows determining the quality, nutritional content, cost, and safety of a particular batch or breed of grain. Grain quality and its chemical composition determine the production technology, its parameters and number of finished goods.

The test results depend on three components: the genetic characteristics of grain crop; growing conditions and transportation technology; storage. The item of quality assessment is a batch from which samples are taken for analysis.

Indicators for grain analysis.

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