Sludge processing technologies

LLC "ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING" offers its technical solutions for the separation of various suspensions and dehydration of sediments and sludge formed in the process of production and wastewater treatment, using modern dehydrating equipment (decanters) manufactured in countries friendly to the Russian Federation. 

 Sludge processing technologies  Sludge processing technologies  Sludge processing technologies

LLC "ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING" is a leading engineering company founded in 2014 on the basis of JSC "Tambov Plant "Komsomolets" named after N.S. Artemov" and currently carries out the construction of industrial facilities, including the entire range of engineering services - pre-project works, general design, equipment supply, installation work, production automation, installation supervision, commissioning and maintenance of the supplied equipment. Prior to the sanction restrictions, we offered equipment from such leading manufacturers as Flottweg SE (Germany) and Hebei GN Solid Control (China) for the separation of various types of suspensions. This type of equipment was characterized by high manufacturability, reliability and the use of modern trends in the field of mechanical engineering.

However, since April 2022, the European Union has banned the import of decanter centrifuges from all European manufacturers and their subsidiaries located in other countries into the Russian Federation. The supply of peripheral equipment of dewatering complexes, such as pumping equipment, instrumentation, spare parts, also became impossible.

ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING LLC offers the supply of decanters / complete lines based on decanters, which are the closest analogue of the equipment currently in operation at many facilities in the Russian Federation and previously supplied by European manufacturers. The equipment offered by us is completed at the plant of JSC "Tambov Plant" Komsomolets "named after. N.S. Artemov” using centrifuges from Hebei GN Solid Control Co, Ltd. (China) and peripheral components of Russian production, proven for many years.

Sludge processing technologies Sludge processing technologies  Sludge processing technologies

ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING LLC is the official dealer of Hebei GN Solid Control Co, Ltd. for the supply and maintenance of equipment for the dewatering of various sludges, offering customers reliable and efficient operation at reduced operating costs, prompt service and ease of use (dealer letters are attached).

In the proposed dehydrating complexes, it is proposed to use GN decanters, the control system is designed and manufactured using controllers agreed with the customer, frequency converters and other components manufactured both in Russia and approved for import from friendly countries.

The proposed decanters have been produced since 2007 and are widely used in more than 70 countries around the world in various industries for the dehydration and separation of various suspensions, sediments and sludges (an extract from the reference sheet is attached). Decanters designed for particularly harsh conditions of use, namely for operation in the gas and oil industry for the processing of highly abrasive and highly toxic industrial sludge, have proven themselves excellently when operating at wastewater treatment plants for the dehydration of municipal and industrial wastewater, water treatment sludge.

Main applications for decanters

 Sludge processing technologies   

Biological sediment (Effluent Treatment Plants):

  • Municipal sewage treatment plants (Primary sludge and activated sludge)
  • Pulp and paper mills (primary sludge and activated sludge)
  • Paperboard plants
  • Oil refineries (activated sludge)
  • Municipal treatment plants, which are on the balance sheet of the city-forming enterprises (chemical, metallurgical, heavy and light industry, etc.)

Sediment after water treatment (water sludge) (Water Treatment Plant - WTP)

  • Municipal water treatment plants (drinking water)
  • Chemical plants (water for further production of fertilizers, chemicals, etc.)
  • Thermal power plants (cooling water)
  • Metallurgical productions (water for gas purification)

The main advantages of decanters from LLC "ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING":

- Special features in the design of the rotor, drive and control system ensure optimum dewatering efficiency and performance.

- Drum designed as a "drum with a deep pond" provides a large volume of liquid in the centrifuge. The modern design of the rotor, combined with high torque, creates a high pressure in the conical part of the drum and provides increased productivity and maximum cake squeezing, which leads to an increase in the dryness of the cake during dehydration compared to machines from other manufacturers.

- A small distance from the rotor axis, where the outlet holes are located, helps to reduce energy consumption.

- The best separation results are achieved by maximizing the residence time of the solids inside the bowl. This is due to the extremely low differential speed of the screw, which increases the amount of solids in the drum, which in turn requires a powerful screw drive.

- The drive of the screw provides the increased and maximum productivity on dry matter/hour among similar machines! and the ability to achieve high torque even at low inlet dry matter!

Sludge processing technologies  Sludge processing technologies  Sludge processing technologies


- The use of duplex steel of the highest quality SS2205 (=1.4462) and SS2207 (=1.4410) for the production of decanter drums, fully consistent with European counterparts

Sludge processing technologies  Sludge processing technologies Sludge processing technologies

- Carbide inserts and a three-layer coating (armor) of the auger edge with hard alloys and tungsten carbide provide durable protection against wear.

Sludge processing technologies  Sludge processing technologies  Sludge processing technologies

- All windows for sludge supply and discharge are protected by axle boxes (bushings) made of hard metal. Boxes allow replacement in places of operation. The very solid construction, coupled with a highly effective wear protection package, gives these machines a reliable run time of 15-20 years.

Sludge processing technologies  Sludge processing technologies Sludge processing technologies

- External location of the gearbox (outside the separation zone)

Sludge processing technologies

- Economical automatic bearing lubrication system

- Great technical excellence in terms of design, operation and maintenance.

- Long service life, high availability, low maintenance costs

- Continuous and convenient operation, fully automatic operation, reliability of GN decanters proven at numerous facilities in the world, impeccable service from ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING LLC fully comply with modern requirements for operation at water utilities and in industry.

ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING LLC offers its customers a warehouse of consumables and spare parts and a full-fledged service center that has all the necessary permits for carrying out:

  • Supervised installation and commissioning;
  • Staff training;
  • Routine maintenance and repair of the supplied equipment throughout the operation;
  • Technical consultations;
  • Pilot industrial tests.