Testing of additive to motor petrols “ZAVKOM-PREMIUM”.


In February of 2016 on the basis of the test center of JSC “VNII NP” testing of polyfunctional additive to motor petrols “ZAVKOM-PREMIUM” produced by “ZAVKOM HIMSINTEZ” LLC was successfully finished. Within executed laboratory and bench tests petrol with “ZAVKOM-PREMIUM” additive was tested for compliance to EURO-5 and for sediment formation on inlet valves as well as deposit formation on parts of piston-cylinder-unit motor.

As a result of tests it was made the following conclusion:

1. “ZAVKOM-PREMIUM” petrol additive together with fuel has pronounced anti-knock effect.

2. “ZAVKOM-PREMIUM” petrol additive in concentration of 2% mass. in petrol Regular-92 is within requirements of GOST and technical regulations of customs union 013/2011 “About requirements to motor and aviation petrol, diesel and marine fuels, fuel for jet engine and fuel oil” concerning physicochemical parameters for petrol of ecological class 5.

3. Addition of “ZAVKOM-PREMIUM” petrol additive in concentration of 2% mass. in petrol Regular-92 does not influence on petrol tendency to sediment formation on inlet valves and combustion chamber of engine.

Thus, within a plan of class K 5 (EURO-5) petrols production, application of  “ZAVKOM-PREMIUM” additive is optimal decision for production of high-grade petrol.

Starting in June 2016 “ZAVKOM HIMSINTEZ” LLC plans to start industrial production of “ZAVKOM-PREMIUM” petrol additive with capacity up to 2 000 t/month which allow a number of petrol manufacturers in Russia to start production of commercial petrols according to class EURO-5.

Taking into account availability of own resources of “ZAVKOM” group of companies in the field of design, equipment manufacture, assembly and start-up works execution, “ZAVKOM HIMSINTEZ” LLC plans to create own production of  “ZAVKOM-PREMIUM” petrol additive over the next 1,5 years. It will be absolutely independent from the suppliers of imported raw materials. All these works will be executed exclusively by “ZAVKOM” group of companies specialists.

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