ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING LLC, with the assistance of the export support center of the Tambov region (http://мойбизнес, invites you to visit our stand 8B4.1 during the 15th international exhibition and forum "Water: ecology and technology" ECWATEK 2021.

ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING LLC is a leading Russian engineering company engaged in the construction of facilities for the petrochemical, biotechnological and food industries. Our company is ready to offer a wide range of services for the implementation of a turnkey project, including design work, manufacture and supply of equipment, performance of installation supervision and commissioning.

According to the requirements of the Customer, ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING LLC is ready to offer a wide range of services and equipment for organizing water treatment and wastewater treatment systems in production.

We carry out an individual approach to each customer. According to the quality of the source water, an individual water treatment system is selected, based on the latest ion-exchange and membrane technologies, which ensure the minimization of construction and operating costs.

Due to the fact that each enterprise formed individual wastewater from both water treatment and discharges from production facilities, ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING LLC is ready to offer wastewater treatment systems based on various processes (filtration, evaporation and concentration, rectification, drying, as well as combinations of these methods ).

The choice of the scheme is individual, it is determined on the basis of the nature of the pollution and the composition of wastewater, requirements for the quality of treated water and the possible production of marketable products from wastewater.

When implementing wastewater treatment projects, ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING LLC specialists are guided by the principles of zero wastewater discharge with full or partial return of water to production or obtaining an acceptable runoff, as well as the possibility of obtaining additional marketable products, with minimization of the volume of solid waste.

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ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING LLC — the leading Russian full-cycle manufacturing and engineering company, carrying out the construction of objects of the petrochemical, biotechnological and food industry «turnkey». ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING provides services: pre-design work, general design, equipment supply, installation work, production automation, installation supervision and commissioning.