Wastewater cleaning installations

Wastewater cleaning installations

The harmful effect of impurities contained in industrial water depends on their chemical nature, concentration, dispersed state, as well as the technology of a specific production of water use. All substances present in water can be in the form of a true solution (salts, gases, some organic compounds in a colloidal state) and in suspension (clay, sand, lime particles).

Substances dissolved in water form, when heated, scale on the walls of the apparatus and cause corrosive destruction. Colloidal impurities cause fouling of the diaphragm of electrolyzers, foaming of water. Coarse suspended solids clog pipelines and reduce productivity. All this necessitates preliminary preparation of water supplied to production — water treatment.

Industrial water treatment is a complex of operations that provide water purification — removal of harmful impurities from it, which are in a molecularly dissolved, colloidal and suspended state.

The main operations of water treatment:

Based on the nature of the pollution and the requirements for the quality of treated water, our company carries out calculations and technology development in cooperation with leading Russian and foreign licensors.

When implementing these projects, the specialists of ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING are guided by the principles of minimizing the amount of wastewater, with full or partial return to production.

Wastewater cleaning installations

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