Complete supply of beer production facilities

LLC «ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING» offers a full range of services for breweries:

  1. Performance of general contracting functions;
  2. Process design and Process equipment of newly created beer factories. New factories can be built in both new and existing buildings and premises.
  3. Design, reconstruction, increase in the capacity of various departments at existing production facilities;
  4. Manufacture and supply of separate capacitive equipment;
  5. Selection and supply of components (pipelines, shut-off and safety valves, pumps);
  6. Selection and supply of instrumentation and instrumentation, as well as automatic control systems for both production as a whole and each department;
  7. Installation works (assembly of equipment at the place of operation, installation of thermal insulation at the place of installation of equipment, piping of equipment with technological lines, etc.);
  8. Installation supervision and commissioning;
  9. Training of service personnel;

We also supply complete equipment for all technological processes of brewing:

  • Brewing department
  • Department of Pure Yeast Culture
  • Yeast storage department
  • Fermentation department
  • Fermentation department
  • CCT department
  • Forfasnoe department
  • CIP stations
  • Water treatment stations
  • CO2 collection and storage tanks
  • Tanks of the refrigeration and compressor department

ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING offers the manufacture of a brewhouse with a capacity of 10 tons of wort per day and more, as well as its partial modernization:

  • Mash-mixing vessel
  • Filter tanks
  • Wort kettles with internal boilers
  • Whirlpools

Due to the existing modern production base, the manufacture of brewing apparatus meets European quality standards and meets all the standards of modern brewing.