Lysine production

Having in-depth experience of the implementation of projects in the biotechnology industry, ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING offers construction of lysine production enterprises. Lysine is an irreplaceable amino acid that forms part of the composition of proteins; it is a vitally important element in the development of animals’ organisms, increasing the recovery properties of osseous tissue and promoting growth.

Raw material for lysine production:

  • Wheat
  • Corn

The use of lysine in feeding livestock increases the economic efficiency of farm businesses. This amino acid has a direct impact on the growth of young stock and the digestibility of feed, strengthening the level of immunity and raising resilience against the impact of viral infections.

The introduction of lysine to the diet in a sufficient quantity enhances the use of other amino acids inside the animal’s body, which in turn helps them to manage without animal proteins, preserving the same growth indicators and making the use of plant-based feeds more economical. This also facilitates a reduction in existing norms of protein diet, with no loss of productivity.


Lysine production 


Lysine in an animal’s organism influences mineral turnover; it promotes the assimilation of calcium, phosphorous and iron and takes part in the transformation of carotin into retinol; it influences the haematogenic function of the bone marrow and the activity of ferments.