Deep processing of peas

ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING carries out the construction of high-tech enterprises for deep processing of peas. Deep processing technology is the isolation of pea valuable components — protein isolate, starch and fiber. Integrated processing of peas is a promising area and can significantly increase the economic efficiency of production.

Pea grain processing products can be used in the:

Pea protein is a high quality, easily digestible protein source that is derived from yellow peas. It is rich in iron, arginine, branched chain amino acids and has beneficial properties such as improving muscle growth, helping to reduce excess body weight, and improving heart health. It is compatible with most diets, is suitable for vegetarians and vegans, is gluten and dairy free and non-allergenic. Pea protein is a top choice if you want to add more protein to your diet.

ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING offers the technology for protein modification with certain performance attributes, according to specific requirements of the Customer (with improved gel-forming properties, solubility, emulsifying properties, etc.)

Native pea starch has high gelling capacity, low gelling temperature, short texture and neutral taste with a high amylose content.It is used in the production of noodles, various coatings (batter), the production of snacks, as well as in the meat, confectionery and other sectors of the food industry.

However, there is also modified starch, which is also produced from pea grains, but with the help of special chemical reagents, which make it possible to obtain an ingredient with the required properties and characteristics. It is possible to develop a starch modification technology according to specific customer requirements.

Pea fiber is a white powder with a neutral taste and smell, it is widely used in the food industry. This raw material is applied because of numerous advantages for both the manufacturer and the consumer.

Main advantages:

The technology of deep processing of peas combines up-to-date achievements of international engineering companies.

ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING offers a full range of engineering services for deep processing of peas:


Deep processing of peas

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