The modernization of «Gambrinus» brewery has been successfully completed


According the implemented project with “Gambrinus” brewery, the employees of ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING LLC performed the following set of  work:

    1. “Turnkey”  supply of fermentation section(design, manufacture and supply of capacitive equipment, process piping, components of instrumentation and automation, control cabinet; performing installation supervision and commissioning).
    2. “Turnkey”  supply of a pure yeast culture section (design, manufacture and supply of capacitive equipment, process piping, instrumentation and control components, control cabinet; installation and commissioning work).
    3. Development and implementation of a unified automatic control system for fermentation section, pure yeast culture section, yeast section and CIP section.

This reconstruction allowed to increase the volume and improve the quality of manufactured products, as well as to increase the overall level of automation of the brewery.


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