High-tech equipment was donated to the Tambov Perinatal Center


As part of the company's social policy, at the initiative of Vladimir Nikolaevich Artyomov, the founder of ZAVKOM JSC and ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING LLC, high-tech equipment was donated to the Perinatal Center in Tambov.

Sergey Bulakh, General Director of ZAVKOM JSC, deputy of the Tambov Regional Duma: “This equipment was purchased at the initiative of our founder Vladimir Nikolaevich Artyomov for this perinatal center. Vladimir Nikolaevich always says that business should be socially oriented. There can be no business for business. Business should be for people. And so we are trying to help our doctors."

High-tech equipment was donated to the Tambov Perinatal Center High-tech equipment was donated to the Tambov Perinatal Center

Alexander Machikhin, General Director of ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING LLC: “Medicine has faced a powerful wave of coronavirus. The state, of course, helps to develop the health care system, but business should not stand aside. Business must be socially oriented. Therefore, the board of directors of the ZAVKOM group of companies made a decision to purchase high-tech equipment. We hope that with its help you will continue to provide professional medical care to patients in our region. "

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