LLC "ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING" has launched the production of equipment for mini-breweries


In 2021, the specialists of ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING LLC mastered the turnkey supply of brewhouses for breweries with a capacity from 10 HL to 40 HL. This set of equipment can be supplied both fully automatic or with manual control.LLC "ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING" has launched the production of equipment for mini-breweries

In addition to brewhouses, ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING LLC can offer:

- fermentation section

- pure yeast culture section

- yeast section

- beer storage section

During the project implementing, ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING LLC performs the following set of works:

- development of project documentation

- equipment manufacturing

- software development, taking into account the wishes of the Customer

- equipment  transportation to the Customer's site

- installation and installation supervision

- commissioning works

- training of the Customer's personnel

- warranty service


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