LLC "ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING" together with a partner offers turnkey construction of factories for the production of formalin and urea-formaldehyde concentrate (UFC). The process of obtaining formalin and UFC is based on a catalyst of metal oxides and operates at a methanol concentration below the explosive limit.

The installation of formalin and urea-formaldehyde concentrate makes it possible to produce both formalin with a formaldehyde concentration of 37 to 55%, and various grades of UFC, with a minimum time for the transition from formalin to UFC and vice versa.

Also with the installation of formalin and urea-formaldehyde concentrate, we offer catalysts from leading manufacturers, which reduce the content of impurities (formic acid, methanol, heavy metals) in the finished product, as well as increase the specific yield of the finished product from 1 kg of catalyst and increase the period between catalyst replacements.        

The reaction heat from the formaldehyde production process is recovered by generating saturated steam at pressures up to 15 bar.            

If necessary, the unit can be supplemented with a catalytic afterburner system to reduce gas emissions into the atmosphere.

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