"ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING" LLC offers rectification units for the following processes:

• solvent recovery

• isolation of pure substances (purification by rectification method)

• separation of liquids.

The team of the company has vast experience in the design and manufacture of column equipment and instrumentation for rectification processes for various industries.

Based on our experience, we offer the best solutions that allow you to get finished products with high quality, when designing, energy efficiency and minimizing operating and capital costs for organizing production are taken into account.

To determine the optimal modes of mass transfer processes in order to obtain a high-quality finished product at the exit from the installations, we use both our own scientific and experimental base, and we cooperate with the world's leading foreign and Russian institutes and laboratories that allow us to conduct analytical research.

"ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING" LLC offers a full range of services from the study of the composition of the feedstock, the study of optimal process conditions and equipment parameters to the implementation of complete plants based on rectification plants.

The advantages of the proposed installations:

• high reliability of equipment

• the content of the main substance in the product is not less than 99% (depends on the composition of the feedstock and consumer requirements)

• low power consumption

• process automation.

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