ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING offers services in designing, performing strength, mechanical and thermal calculations of reactor equipment for various physical and chemical processes (mixing, polymerization, fermentation, homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis, etc.). ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING has all the necessary resources for performing calculations, manufacturing and supplying the following types of reactors:

- Capacitive with agitator,

- Capacitive with a mixing device, internal (coil, plates, plate heat exchangers, etc.) and external (a half-tube jacket, a shirt made of a n-shaped profile, etc.), heat exchange elements,

- Adiabatic reactors,

- Tubular reactors,

- Fixed bed reactors,

- Multilayer catalytic reactors with intermediate and heat exchange elements,

- Column reactor with packing, etc.

The proposed reactor equipment is also equipped with the necessary piping (all possible dosing units of the initial reagents, heat exchange equipment, heat exchange systems, and post-processing after synthesis), thus the Customer receives a complete assembly. Additionally, ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING performs the commissioning of the delivered equipment.

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