Delivery and installation of equipment for sugar factory

Rusagro-Tambov LLC
Tambov Region

In 2018, ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING LLC  delivered a warehouse for an acceptance area, storage and dosing of improved and technical 1st. grade sulfuric acid molasses into the stream, including design, construction and installation work.

The production process is fully automated; the most modern technological equipment from leading Russian and world manufacturers has been supplied.

As part of the project, our company performed the following types of work:

  1. Development of project documentation in accordance with Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 87, including the examination of project documentation.
  2. Development of a plan for localization and liquidation of emergency situations (PLAS).
  3. Development of technological regulations.
  4. Complete delivery of technological Equipment.
  5. Development of automated process control systems.
  6. Construction and installation works.
  7. Commissioning.
  8. Personnel training.
  9. Putting into operation.
  10. Registration of the Object in Rostekhnadzor.