"Znamensky Sugar Plant"
Tambov Region

In 2017, ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING LLC  upgraded the area for displacement of beet molasses, calcium carbonate from a solution by replacing it with soda ash, as well as creating a buffer zone for the accumulation of molasses treated with sulfuric acid to stop the reaction of formation of calcium carbonate particles and precipitation of sulfate calcium (gypsum) molasses desugarization unit.

The production process is fully automated, the most modern technological equipment from leading Russian and world manufacturers has been supplied.

As part of the project, our company performed the following types of work:

  1. Examination of the load-bearing structures of the building at the site of the Equipment installation, with the issuance of an opinion on the strengthening and modernization of the existing building.
  2. Development of design and working documentation.
  3. Complete delivery of metal structures.
  4. Complete delivery of technological Equipment.
  5. Installation work.
  6. Commissioning.
  7. Personnel training.
  8. Start-up operations.