ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING LLC is a leading Russian engineering company founded in 2014.

Provides complete supply of petrochemical, biotechnological and food industry facilities.


In 2014, Vladimir Nikolaevich Artemov, the owner of JSC Tambov Komsomolets Plant named after N.S. Artemov, which traces its history back to 1933, decided to create an enterprise providing a full range of engineering services, including pre-design work, general design, equipment supply, installation work, production automation, chief-installation, commissioning.

Since then, the company has been successfully developing: mastering new areas of activity, opening new sales markets, cooperating with enterprises in Europe, China, India and the USA. The central office of ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING is located in the city of Tambov. The company also has its representative offices in Moscow and China.

We strictly monitor compliance with international safety and quality standards. The company has all certificates and permits for the implementation of engineering services, equipment production and construction and installation works.


During the withdrawal of international companies from the domestic market, we consider it critically important to ensure the sustainable development of the economy in vital sectors: food production, petrochemical production, biotechnology, gas processing, etc.

So, we are ready to fully replace the departed engineering concerns in the following areas:


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