Emissioned plants


Emissioned plants

In connection with the tightening of liability for violation of maximum permissible concentrations of pollutants in wastewater, industrial enterprises faced problems associated with the processing of liquid waste and disposal of wastewater.

The main pollutants of water resources are acids, alkalis, salts, pesticides, dioxides, phosphates, ammonium and nitrate nitrogen, heavy metals, phenols, synthetic surfactants, and oil products. ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING LLC has vast experience in solving these problems.

ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING offers wastewater treatment plants based on evaporation plants. The choice of the scheme is individual, it is determined on the basis of the nature of the pollution and the composition of wastewater, requirements for the quality of treated water and the possible production of marketable products from wastewater.


Emissioned plants

ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING offers evaporation plants for the purification and concentration of solutions

Depending on the composition of the initial solution, requirements for the target product and productivity, ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING can propose complete installations that differ:

  • the number of units of the installation,
  • deep vacuum,
  • the presence of forced or natural circulation,
  • the presence of a crystallization unit and a unit for the separation of a crystalline product - it is possible to obtain evaporated salts in a dry form,
  • the presence of a unit for distillation of volatile impurities or an extractive unit for the recovery of heavy solvents, etc.

Advanced technologies used in the calculation and design of evaporation plants will provide the Customer with a high quality of the resulting product at an optimal level of energy consumption.