Plants for amine and alkaline purification

The most common contaminants in hydrocarbon feedstocks are hydrogen sulfide, sulfur compounds and carbon dioxide.

Due to the high corrosivity of these substances, it becomes necessary to remove them from raw materials.

The most effective removal method is adsorption of these compounds with an aqueous solution of amines.

ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING LLC offers individual, highly efficient gas treatment solutions for such traditional areas as synthesis gas treatment for ammonia production, pipeline gas and liquefied natural gas (LNG).

The proposed technology has the following key advantages:

  • guarantee of high purity of gas streams and completeness of purification
  • process reliability using a stable and environmentally friendly solvent
  • low capital and operating costs compared to competitive solutions
  • savings on the maintenance of the units due to the non-corrosiveness of the solution
  • small amounts of solvent
  • no need to regenerate the solution from degradation products
  • the solvent is non-toxic and biodegradable
  • the possibility of increasing the power due to only the modification of the solvent

Plants for amine and alkaline purification Plants for amine and alkaline purification