Water treatment and wastewater treatment systems

Water treatment and wastewater treatment systemsAccording to the Customer's requirements, ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING LLC is ready to offer a wide range of services and equipment for organizing water treatment and wastewater treatment systems.

At the request of the Customer, the calculation of the required natural water purification system based on the latest ion-exchange and membrane technologies is performed, where iron removal, softening and deep demineralization of process water are required, as well as the creation of recycling water supply systems.

ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING offers wastewater disposal plants without discharging contaminated water.

Water treatment and wastewater treatment systemsBased on the data on the composition of wastewater, our company calculates and develops wastewater disposal technology based on various methods (filtration, evaporation, rectification, crystallization, etc.), as well as combinations of these methods. At the same time, it is possible to obtain individual substances from wastewater pollutants that can be used in our own production or be sold as an additional commercial product.

The choice of the scheme is individual, it is determined on the basis of the nature of the pollution and the requirements for the quality of purified water, the possible production of marketable products from wastewater.

When implementing wastewater treatment projects, ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING specialists are guided by the principles of zero wastewater discharge with full or partial return of water to production, with minimization of the volume of solid waste.



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