Equipment for generation of energy carriers

As a part of complex facilities, we offer installations for the generation of energy carriers (thermal energy or combined generation of thermal and electric energy).

Today, to ensure the production of thermal energy, ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING is ready to supply its customers with the following solutions in the field of heat carrier generation:

  • WOT heat generators,
  • Block-modular boiler rooms,
  • Mini-CHP,
  • GPU, etc.,

The proposed units can work both on solid, liquid, gaseous fuels, and on waste from production.

In addition, our company is ready to offer comprehensive services for the modernization of existing energy generation facilities. Replacement of boilers, water treatment systems, deaerators, heat exchangers, pumps, automation means for more modern allows significantly increase the efficiency of the boiler house and reduce energy and operating costs.

Delivering an industrial tool

Equipment for generation of energy carriers