Pilot plants

PILOT PLANTS for various chemical products

Pilot plants

The pilot plant is a critical element in the scale-up transition from laboratory process to industrial plant.

LLC "ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING" is ready to offer the following services for the development of pilot plants:

  1. development and optimization of the technological scheme
  2. development of a control automation scheme
  3. development of design documentation
  4. 3D visualization of the circuit
  5. equipment manufacturing
  6. selection and equipment of the installation
  7. installation installation
  8. binding at the place of operation
  9. commissioning works

3D visualization of the created experimental installations greatly simplifies their subsequent installation and avoids design errors.

Pilot plants

Carrying out experiments and processing experimental data on pilot plants allows scaling the process in order to optimize it for an industrial plant.

Successful tests carried out on pilot plants are the key to introducing technical and technological innovations on an industrial scale.

ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING has its own experimental base, consisting of various types of pilot plants or reactors, allowing to implement a wide range of processes.

By agreement with the Customer, it is possible to develop processes based on existing equipment or with minor modifications. This approach allows the Customer to significantly reduce the time for a large-scale transition, as well as significantly reduce investment costs.

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