Aromatic amines and additives to fuels based on them

ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING offers the delivery of complete plants for the production of aromatic amines.

One of the main uses of alkylated aromatic amines is octane-raising additives to fuels that are widely used in the production of gasoline as an independent component.
Aromatic amines are also used as raw materials for organic synthesis and an intermediate for dyes.

ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING has innovative technologies for the production of both aromatic amines and complex additives to gasoline based on them. The choice of technological solutions is carried out with the help of leading experts of our company, which are aimed primarily at finding the most economically viable solution for the customer.
Taking into account the requirements of the technical regulations of the customs union on the ban in Euro 5 gasoline, our specialists developed an alternative additive of the series "BREAK-PREMIUM", which is superior to monomethylaniline-based additives.

Conducted laboratory and bench tests of gasoline Regular-92 and Premium-95 with the involvement of the additive "ZAVKOM-PREMIUM" confirmed the compliance of gasoline to the class K5 (Euro-5).

The conclusion of JSC VNII NP confirms:

This project is ready for implementation both on the territory of Russia and abroad.

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