Hydrometallurgy of minerals


ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING offers its customers complete solutions for the extraction of salts and metals from ores by leaching method.

We offer our clients complete solutions for production of commodity products from minerals and anthropogenic raw materials: manganese sulphate, magnesium, aluminium, etc.

Technogenic deposits are the result of outdated technology for processing ore material and incomplete production of primary raw materials. Processing of deposits of technogenic origin makes it possible to obtain cheap raw materials due to the low cost of their extraction, reduces the cost of prospecting and exploration and increases labour productivity and the output of raw materials.

Specialists of ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING have developed a process flow diagram (figure 1) for processing ores and wastes from metallurgical production. This scheme provides for the possibility of hardware adjustments, which makes it possible to extract valuable materials from raw materials of different compositions with maximum efficiency.

Partial delivery of units of technological equipment or parts of production lines as part of reconstruction or overhaul is possible in existing production facilities.

Hydrometallurgy of mineralsFigure 1

ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING has its own production and research facilities, employs high-level staff, cooperates with leading Russian and world technology institutes, which enables us to offer our clients a full range of services for development of production technology, preparing of design documentation, development and delivery of pilot plants, integrated equipment supply, as well as execution of installation, supervision and commissioning services.