Ethanol production

With 80 years of experience in the construction of ethanol production plants ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING has its own scientific, engineering and production base, which enables it to implement projects in minimal timeframes and at the best possible costs.

Ethyl alcohol is the result of the distillation of fermented, carbohydrate-containing products with their subsequent concentration and treatment of the distillate. Ethanol is a colourless, mobile, combustible liquid with a density of 806 kg/m3 at 0°С, with a boiling point of 78.3 °С, when mixed with water in any ratio.

Raw material for alcohol production:

ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING offers construction of plants for the production of the full range of ethanol: medicine, potable and industrial. The company also updates existing enterprises that produce alcohol.

Collaboration with leading Russian and international engineering companies enables us to apply advanced technologies for alcohol production, which reduce costs and enhance the economic efficiency of the production facility.

In 2014 ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING team joined processing and technology specialists from Italy, projects implemented with their participation are attached below.

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