Capacitive equipment and tanks

Ensuring accumulation and proper storage of liquid, gaseous, and bulk materials is achieved by using capacitive equipment. ZAVKOM-ENGIRING LLC carries out the entire Process cycle of tank production.

We offer engineering solutions related to the development of a project for the required capacity and the execution of work for its implementation. The company implements the full scope of work on the creation and installation of the necessary components.

The customer carries out the choice of the project implementation model, we carry out all stages: from preparatory work to commissioning.

Types of supplied capacitive equipment

Tanks manufactured based on modern engineering solutions:

  • Gas tanks — reservoirs for gases;
  • Air collectors — to ensure the operation of compressor devices;
  • Drainage tanks — used for temporary storage and drainage of oil and gas products;
  • Mobile silos — storing and supplying bulk materials;
  • Fire-fighting tank equipment — meeting modern fire safety requirements;
  • Stainless steel tanks for the food industry — to cover all production needs.

Used in various industries, agriculture and life support.


  • Closed or open type
  • Single-walled or double-walled
  • Vertical or horizontal
  • Above ground or underground mounting
  • Steam or heated

Made from: stainless steel, mono- or bimetal.
Reliability, safety, and durability are ensured by calculations and the raw materials used.

Tank equipment by industry

  • Oil and gas — for industrial production and processing of oil and gas. They are used to store, separate, prepare oil, and gas products.
  • Mining — tanks for storing water in large volumes for the operation of mining production.
  • Chemical — complex equipment with additional systems that provide monitoring and control of technological processes.
  • Energy — tanks for thermal and nuclear energy.
  • Agricultural — for storage, transportation of grains, seeds, arrangement of ventilation systems and boiler houses.
  • Food — for the production and processing of dairy, drinking liquids, fish and meat products.
  • Railway — as part of compressor and boiler houses.
  • Construction — to ensure the domestic needs of employees and the delivery of technical water.
  • Water heater device — for hot water supply and heating systems.

The main industries in which tanks are used are indicated, but their use is not limited. To carry out the development and supply of tanks of any complexity and purpose to ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING.

Supply and installation of capacitive equipment

Order the design, manufacture, and supply of capacitive equipment from ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING — receive services of the highest quality. Constant expansion of the geography of supplies and valuable cooperation are the key to the development and expansion of production.

Design, supply, installation and commissioning of technological equipment and clear management at all stages of production are the main competitive features.