The International Forum and Exhibition "Graintech-2021" took place on November 17-18, 2021 in Moscow. The agenda of the Forum discussed various aspects of deep processing of grain, industrial biotechnology and bioeconomics, including assessing the potential and prospects in Russia and in the worldMore
On November 17-18, 2021 in Moscow (Holiday Inn Lesnaya) a forum on deep grain processing "Graintech" will be held. ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING LLC is a special sponsor of this event.More
As part of the company's social policy, at the initiative of Vladimir Nikolaevich Artyomov, the founder of ZAVKOM JSC and ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING LLC, high-tech equipment was donated to the Perinatal Center in Tambov.More
ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING LLC took part in the 24th international exhibition "CHEMISTRY-2021", held in Moscow at the Expocentre. Our company presented to its Customers, partners and exhibitors the available opportunities for the implementation of complex projects, in accordance with the requirements of customers.More
In October 2021, the specialists of ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING LLC start up the project of kvass production unit supply for Zhivaya Klassika LLC, Sterlitamak.More
Within the framework of this congress, our company will take part in a round table discussion on such actual topics as: - utilization of industrial waters; - procedures for carrying out state environmental expertise of project documentation for the modernization / reconstruction of sewage treatment facilities;More
ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING LLC invites you to visit our stand 22C52 during the 24th international exhibition of the chemical industry and science "Chemistry-2021". ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING LLC is a leading Russian engineering company engaged in the construction of facilities for the petrochemical, biotechnological and food industries. More
ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING LLC will take part in the XIV International Industrial Conference of Plywood and Board Enterprises in Russia and the CIS countries, which will be held on October 20-21 in St. Petersburg.More
ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING LLC, with the assistance of the export support center of the Tambov region (http://мойбизнес, took part in the 15th international exhibition and forum "Water: ecology and technology" EcwaTech2021.More
ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING LLC is a leading Russian engineering company engaged in the construction of facilities for the petrochemical, biotechnological and food industries. Our company is ready to offer a wide range of services for the implementation of a turnkey project, including design work, manufacture and supply of equipment, performance of installation supervision and commissioning. More
In 2021, the specialists of ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING LLC mastered the turnkey supply of brewhouses for breweries with a capacity from 10 HL to 40 HL. This set of equipment can be supplied both fully automatic or with manual control.More
According to the approved plan of brewery reconstruction the following set of works was carried out: 1) design documentation development for fermentation section expansion;More
According to the concluded contract, the employees of ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING LLC performed the following set of works: 1) development of design documentation for beer storage section; More
ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING LLC has successfully completed a project for the supply and commissioning of a caprolactam crystallization unit at Shchekinoazot JSC.More
The annual regional competition "Exporter of the Year 2020" is held within the framework of the National project "Small and medium businesses and support for individual entrepreneurial initiatives".More
At the end of 2020, ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING LLC signed a contract with URALCHEM for the complete supply of research and testing equipment – a pilot plant for the production of protein isolate from pea flour, with a capacity of 200 kg/h.More
Vladimir N. Artemov, the general director of "Vivat" company, which is the founder of ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING LLC, celebrates his birthday on March 13. In honor of the anniversary of Vladimir Nikolaevich, the newspaper "Tambov life" published an article about his life path, labor successes and achievements.More
ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING LLC supplied a single-circuit CIP station. It was implemented within the planned modernization of "BRAVO PREMIUM" LLC production facilities, which is part of the "RUST" group of companies.More
The International Forum and Exhibition "Graintek" took place on February 17-18 in Moscow. Various aspects of deep processing of grain, industrial biotechnology and bioeconomy were discussed.More
At the beginning of 2021, ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING LLC completed work on the expansion of the fermentation section of the "Carlsberg" brewery located in Baku, Azerbaijan.More
The specialists of ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING LLC have completed the commissioning of a distillery in the Republic of Uzbekistan, Tashkent. The capacity of distillery is 3,000,000 decaliters per year.More
ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING LLC will participate in Forum "ProteinTek", which will be held on September 23, 2020 in Moscow. Forum is dedicated to the production and use of feed proteins: plant, microbial, insects.More
In July 2020 the specialists of ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING LLC successfully put into operation the vegetable oil and fat filling line. Today the JSC "Zhirovoy kombinat" is a branch of "RUSAGRO" group in Saratov. The line can fill the fat in tankers, flexitanks, eurocubes (1 m3) and 200 l barrels.More
During the first half of 2020 ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING LLC employees developed and implemented a project of fermentation section expansion for JSC Pivzavod-Marksovsky.More
ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING LLC invites you to visit our stand at the 14th International Forum "Water: Ecology and Technology" ECWATECH 2020, held in Moscow, Crocus Expo from 8 to 10 September 2020 - Hall 5, Stand 5A1.4More
ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING LLC has completed commissioning on the water-treatment unit (ZLD) at JSC Voronezhsintezkauchuk. Local treatment facilities are part of thermoplastic elastomers productionMore
In February 2020, the brew house of the Azeri brewery in Baku was successfully started-up. During the modernization process, the filtration tank was reconstructed and enlarged.More
Together with the employees of JSC "ALVIZ" on January 22, 2020, installation for producing aromatic spirits (alambik) was successfully put into operation.More
In 2019 employees of ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING LLC successfully completed the second stage of Daryal brewery modernization.More
At the end of November 2019, our company completed the audit / inspection of Equipment delivered to the site of Don Biotechnologies LLC. More
Tambov enterprise builds turnkey plants for processing industryMore
ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING LLC has completed the supply of solvent rectification unit for Samson-Med LLC as part of pharmaceutical substances production.More
ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING LLC implemented a turnkey construction project for distillery with a capacity of 2,800,000 liters per year. The investor in this project was LLC AVESTO GURUH. New production is equipped with modern equipment, allowing producing premium class of liquors.More
With the participation of ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING specialists was launched in Dushanbe bottled water production plant. The investor in this project was LLC AVESTO GURUH.More
This reconstruction allowed to increase the volume and improve the quality of manufactured products, as well as to increase the overall level of automation of the brewery.More
In November 2018, ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING LLC completed the development of design documentation and delivered ahead of time the equipment for the facility “Installation on the basis of an evaporator for wastewater treatment of thermoplastic elastomers from the lithium ions” for Voronezhsintezkauchuk JSCMore
During 2017-2018 employees of ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING LLC successfully implemented the first stage of “Daryal” brewery modernization in Vladikavkaz.More
Specialists of LLC "ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING" successfully implemented a project of distillery modernization in Uzbekistan.More
LLC ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING invite you to visit our stand at the 13th International Forum "Water: Ecology and Technology" ECWATECH 2018, held in Moscow, Crocus Expo from 25 to 27 September 2018 - Hall 1, Stand 1С4.1More
Prodimex Holding. Reconstruction of Perelyshinsky sugar plant. From January 2016 to early 2017, the evaporation unit was modernized and new diffusion column was installed.More
In June 2018, the delivery of equipment for water treatment was completed to Omsk. This unit is designed to transfer the main parts of sodium sulfate salts to a solid state of vacuum-evaporated crystallization.More
We invite you to visit our stand at the exhibition Chemma 2018 in Frankfurt am Main (Germany) from 11 to 13 June 2018 - number 9.2, stand A12.More
In May 2018, ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING LLC supplied 12 polymerization reactors for the anti-turbulent additive system to Transneft.More
In 2017, LLC "ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING" for Altayles, developed detailed engineering documentation, and in April 2018 made a complex supply of equipment for the installation of urea-formaldehyde resins with a capacity of 33,000 tons / year.More
The Congress «Biomass. Fuel and Energy», which was held on April 18-19 at the Holiday Inn Lesnaya hotel in Moscow, successfully completed. The Congress was devoted to the use of renewable raw materials in chemistry and petrochemistry.More
As the result of organized tender by PJSC«Tatneft» contract terms with LLC «ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING» for design works of documentation for basic design as part of running the project for bioethanol plant construction with further denatured bioethanol absolution with capacity of 25,000 tons per year were concluded in the 4th quarter of 2017.More
Representatives of “ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING” LLC, at the invitation of PJSC "Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works", on January 31, 2018 took part in the solemn event on the occasion of launching a new plant for processing the naphthalene fraction by the method of high-efficiency rectification.More
"ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING" LLC completed the work on " Stage 2 increase in cold production capacity in workshop No.32" as part of the technical upgrading of the resin production expansion. As part of this work, LLC "ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING" carried out a range of works. More
The project of construction and commissioning new brewhouse for "HANSEN" Ltd in Stavropol was successfully completed. The brewhouse with capacity of 5 tons of wort per one cooking, was developed and designed according the latest design and technological solutions developed by ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING LLC. More
The other day on the Ishim land there was a remarkable event: the governor of the Tyumen region Vladimir Yakushev opened the plant of JSC "AminoSib" for deep processing of wheat.More
Ltd "TD Zavkom" has supplied a large amount of capacitive and heat exchange equipment for the hydrocracking unit of PJSC "Orsknefteorgsintez".More
In 2016-2017 years. Ltd "TD Zavkom" successfully carried out deliveries of auxiliary technological equipment for the YAMAL LNG plant.More
Ltd "TD Zavkom" was selected as a supplier of a turnkey vacuum column for the installation of vacuum distillation of fuel oil at PJSC "Orsknefteorgsintez".More
Commissioned more than 30 units of fuel and buffer gas purification, previously supplied by OOO Omni Technologies for the needs of the enterprises of PJSC GazpromMore
On July 25, 2017 was signed cooperation agreement between the ZAVCOM group of companies and Chinese Corporation COFCO. COFCO Corporation was founded in 1949. It is included in the list of 500 largest companies of the world and heads top-100 food enterprises of China. The value of the corporation's assets is estimated at $ 72 billion.More
In February 2017, Omni Technologies LLC completed the project on Modernization of the fuel system of the boiler house Wartsila, launched in November 2015, at Varandeysky Terminal LLC (OOO LUKOIL-Trans).More
In 2016 Omni Technologies LLC supplied natural gas purification filters for intermediate separators for the SSC of the Samburgskoye fieldMore
On the 27th of August in Ishim district of the Tyumen region the opening of the second stage of the deep processing of grain plant was held. At the moment the process of commissioning in the workshops of glucose syrup and gluten production is completed. More
"ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING" LLC took part in the Χ Jubilee International Conference plywood mills in Russia and CIS "Stabilization and development of plate and plywood industry." More
LLC “ZAVKOM ENGINEERING” has successfully implemented the modernization project of an adhesive production plant based on amino-formaldehyde resin. More
“ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING” LLC will take part in the reconstruction of the plant “Biokhim” in Northern Kazakhstan.More
“ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING” LLC continues successful implementation of the project on modernization of "Arkhangelsk plywood manufacturing plant" LLC.More
Testing of polyfunctional additive to motor petrols “ZAVKOM-PREMIUM” produced by “ZAVKOM HIMSINTEZ” LLC was successfully finished.More
ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING LLC took part in annual forum GrainTek. There was presented complex for deep processing of wheat implemented by our company in Tyumen region. More
"ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING" LLC will participate in exhibition "Chemicals 2015", the largest international exhibition for chemical industry and science in Russia and CIS countries. The exhibition will proceed in Moscow in Expocentre (14, Krasnopresnenskaya nab.) in October, 27th -30th.More
A Contract is concluded on design works execution and supply of set of equipment for plant of mixed glue preparation.More
We were given positive expert report on object of capital construction in Apsheronsk.More
We were given positive expert report on project “Technical re-equipment of raw material storage”.More
Works on project for LLC”Agrosnabsakhar” are started. Within the project there will be executed such works as design, supply of equipment and assembly of water treatment system for new heat station which is constructed at a factory.More
Manufacturing works as well as delivery and assembly of juice settler for JSC “Atmis-sakhar”(Kamensk sugar mill) are finished.More
“Biotechnologies” division took part in construction of plant for production of lysine sulphate with capacity 57 000 t/year as well as by-products on the basis of deep processing of grain for the group of companies “Prioskolie”.More
From year 2014 “Biotechnologies” division took part in construction of complex for production of aminoacid (lysine sulphate) on the basis of deep processing of grain for company LLC “Donskie Biotechnologii” (joint venture with EVONIK) .More
LLC “ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING” takes an active part in VII Russian Forum for Industrial Biotechnology & the Biobased Economy "Graintek-2015".More
On April, 2015 works on supply and assembly of new mash distillation column for distillery JSC “Gyandzha Sharab-2”(Azerbaijan, Gyandzha) were finished.More
Business unit "Biotechnologies" carries out reconstruction of brewery “Azeri”, Baku. Section of Cylindrical Conical Tanks is supplied.More
Business unit "Biotechnologies" finished equipment supply for brewery “Nashe pivo”, Yoshkar-ola.More
ZAVKOM provides sponsorship to Congress "Biomass: fuel and energy-2015".More
ZAVKOM company wishes you a Happy New Year!More
From 21 to 24 of October representatives of Business Unit "Petrochemical Technologies" of ZAVKOM Company participated in exhibition "Chemistry 2014" More
In 2014 ZAVKOM company was restructured and rebranded. There were deep changes: we optimized and redistributed functions of engineering and production departments, improved quality management, our team joined leading experts from the UK, Italy and the Czech Republic, we developed a new communication strategy and the company's image.More
From 26 to 29 May ZAVKOM participated in leading oil and gas exhibition of the Russian Federation - "Oil and Gas 2014".More
According to the results of 2013 year ZAVKOM took the leading position in the machinery manufacturing sector of the Russian economy. As the result the company was granted the status of "Industry Leader - 2013".More



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