ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING has extensive experience in the development, manufacture and implementation of modern highly efficient water treatment systems based on the latest technologies.
The quality of water for various purposes in pharmaceutical production must meet the established requirements for microbiological and chemical composition. Basically, enterprises use two types of water: "purified water" and "water for injection".
Depending on the quality of the source water, the research department of our company will select the appropriate technology for the required productivity. It is also possible to develop special cleaning systems that take into account all customer requirements.
All equipment is made of high quality stainless steel. The plants are assembled directly at the production facilities of ZAVKOM and ready for delivery to the facility.

In numbers:

Work experience for the last 10 years:

More than 5000 units of technological equipment were produced for more than 300 industrial enterprises

More than 50 technological installations and productions were designed and launched

Material base:

More than 1 200 000 sq.m equipped production area

More than 200 units of specialized equipment and machines

More than 20 pilot plants are operated in the company's R&D to process new processes

More than 250 workplaces are equipped with modern software for modeling, performing calculations and designing.


More than 650 people working in production

More than 150 engineers for designing technological equipment

More than 100 people involved in the project implementation office "Turnkey"


392000, The Russian Federation,

Tambov city, Sovetskaya Street, bld. 51

Phone: +7.4752.79.35.45

Fax: +7.4752.70.35.25

Email: Pharmaceutical@zavkomepc.com

ZAVKOM International s.r.o.

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