The quality of project development depends on the amount of investment costs and the implementation of the projected production.
ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING carries out work on the development of design and working documentation for both hazardous and highly hazardous production facilities, in accordance with RF Government Decree No. 87 of 16.02.2008.
In the course of the project, modern software is used that allows for through design in 3-D, which significantly minimizes the risk of error at the design stage, and the experience of our employees in real production allows us to select the most optimal equipment for minimizing investment and operating costs.
Also, ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING carries out work on the support of state expertise and the implementation of author's supervision.

In numbers:

Work experience for the last 10 years:

More than 5000 units of technological equipment were produced for more than 300 industrial enterprises

More than 50 technological installations and productions were designed and launched

Material base:

More than 1 200 000 sq.m equipped production area

More than 200 units of specialized equipment and machines

More than 20 pilot plants are operated in the company's R&D to process new processes

More than 250 workplaces are equipped with modern software for modeling, performing calculations and designing.


More than 650 people working in production

More than 150 engineers for designing technological equipment

More than 100 people involved in the project implementation office "Turnkey"


392000, The Russian Federation,

Tambov city, Sovetskaya Street, bld. 51

Phone: +7.4752.79.35.45

Fax: +7.4752.70.35.25


ZAVKOM International s.r.o.

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