Business Unit Machinery Construction manufactures vertical, cylindrical tanks from stainless and carbon steels with a capacity from 100 m3 to 5000 m3, designed for storing aggressive and explosive substances used in the chemical and petrochemical industries. We also offer services on their integrated design, manufacture, the assembly of stairs and service platforms and process piping.

The tanks are made with a working pressure of up to 0.005 MPa and a temperature from -50°С in a vacuum up to 1000 Pa, of varying design and configuration:

  • with conical, self-supporting roofs
  • with conical, wire-frame roofs
  • with domed roofs
  • with internal floating roofs
  • with internal devices
  • with heat insulation
  • with heating and cooling coils

The unique technology for assembling tanks from rolled stainless steel with a wall thickness of up to 6mm using the "breeding" method enables us to obtain one vertical sealing seam, which significantly increases reliability and simplifies maintenance during operation of the equipment.




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