Equipment for oil and fat industry

We offer the following to enterprises in the oil and fat industry:

  • tank facilities for unrefined oils and additives for the production of edible fats
  • installations for distillation of fatty acids
  • a tank farm for mayonnaise production
  • automated process control systems
  • process equipment of any volume and design, from stainless and carbon steel, including tanks with mixing facilities and cooling/warming jackets
  • a set of services for the construction of vertical, cylindrical tanks from stainless steel with a volume from 100 m3 to 5000 m3, and services for their integrated design and installation and the installation of stairs and service platforms
  • installation of stainless-steel pipes
  • performance of work on heat insulation for tanks and pipes

High standards for the design and production of equipment provide state-of-the-art engineering solutions which correspond with the highest technical and hygiene standards of the oil and fat industry.


392000, The Russian Federation, Tambov city, Sovetskaya Street, bld. 51

392000, Российская Федерация,
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