Capacity equipment

ZAVKOM manufactures capacity equipment designed for the acceptance, storage and release of liquid and gaseous (including harmful, explosive and/or fire-hazardous) substances.

Bulk-capacity equipment of various types is manufactured with a working pressure up to 16 MPa, capacity up to 5000 m3, internal diameter up to 5000 mm, wall thickness up to 200 mm, length up to 40 m and total weight up to 60 tonnes when assembled:

  • without internal devices
  • with static internal devices
  • with mixing devices
  • with internal or external heating or cooling devices
  • with thermal insulation
  • reactors
  • vacuum evaporators
  • air collectors
  • bunkers (silos) for storing granular and powder materials and chemical products

The apparatus is designed on the basis of individual projects and can be manufactured from stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminium.




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