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Machinery construction

About Business Unit

Business unit Machinery Construction, based on our own production facilities, manufactures equipment for the turnkey implementation of ZAVKOM projects and non-standard equipment as per the customer's requirements.

Equipment of various types is manufactured with an internal diameter up to 5000 mm in assembled form, working pressure up to 16 MPa, capacity up to 5000 m3, wall thickness up to 120 mm, length up to 40 m and total weight up to 60 tonnes when assembled:

  • reactors
  • columns
  • heat exchangers
  • filtration equipment
  • tanks up to 5000 m3 capacity
  • capacity apparatus
  • silos (bunkers)
  • vacuum evaporators
  • equipment for the production of hydrogen and oxygen using the PSA method
  • equipment for air distribution installations
  • process piping


  • stainless and carbon steel
  • bi-metal and tri-metal
  • copper
  • aluminium and its alloys

All equipment is manufactured in observance of international safety and quality standards, pursuant to technical standards and satisfying the individual requirements of our customers.




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