Spray dryers

Spray dryers offered by ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING are used for various liquid and pasty products drying. According to the spraying method, they are divided into disk and nozzle dryers. A large contact area is created in these installations between the product and the hot air due to the spraying of the product into small particles. The drying process takes place within a few seconds, and the product is suspended during drying. This type of the dryer is the most suitable for thermally unstable, viscous and sticky substrates drying. This type of dryer is applicable for the following products:

- amino acids and enzyme preparations;

- vitamins;

- powdered pharmaceuticals;

- feed protein products (feed yeast, bacterial protein, etc.)

The main advantages of spray dryers offered by ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING:

• The drying process takes a minimum of time – only fifteen to thirty seconds. When the product is sprayed, its contact area with hot air increases significantly, so that up to 98% of the moisture can be instantly evaporated upon contact. This dewatering method is ideal for heat-sensitive materials because it eliminates overheating (burnout) of the main product.

• The product does not oxidize during drying, it retains color, smell, taste.

• The resulting product is completely ready for use, does not require additional grinding, has a homogeneous structure and a high solubility index. In most cases, the product is immediately ready for packaging.

• The ability to adjust the temperature in a wide range.

• The diameter and density of the final product granules, and their moisture level can be adjusted by setting the drying process conditions.

• Dryers are suitable for sticky substances grinding that cannot be ground in their original state.

• The possibility of obtaining a dry product consisting of different components.

• The equipment is capable of operating in a continuous cycle.




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