ZAVKOM was founded in 1933 as a chemical machinery plant.

The following milestones in the company's history are noteworthy:

1933 - The first equipment for the chemical industry was manufactured: units for separating coke cooling and distillers.

1946 - Large apparatus from corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant steels were produced.

1948 - Distilling plants and heat-exchange equipment were first manufactured for the shipbuilding industry, including equipment for the nuclear-powered icebreaker Lenin.

1966 - By Decree of the Praesidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, for ensuring high growth rates in the production of complex chemical apparatus, the enterprise was awarded the Red Flag Order of Labour.

1970 - Technology was developed for the manufacture of equipment from bi- and tri-metal for especially aggressive products and research in nuclear physics.

1992 - The first turnkey projects in biotechnologies were implemented.

2000 - The production of installations for gas purification and treatment was mastered. The company developed active collaboration with OJSC Gazprom.

2001 - The production of equipment for nuclear power stations was mastered. Equipment was designed, manufactured and delivered for the Kola Nuclear Power Station.

2007 - The company engaged in scientific research in the design and production of innovative nano-materials, investing its own funds in the venture.

2014 - The company was restructured and rebranded.

Throughout its entire history, ZAVKOM has continually expanded its engineering, science, technical and production potential, uncovering new lines of business and developing the company.




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