Solvent regeneration plants

ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING offers a complete supply of equipment for the creation of solvent recovery plants, if necessary combined with the storage tanks of the stock solution and the regenerated solvent.

The proposed method for regenerating spent solvents is based on the use of highly effective rectification in packed or tray columns.

Depending on the nature of the impurities in the spent solvent and the specific quality requirements for the recovered solvent, chemical or physical neutralization processes of carcinogenic or corrosive impurities can be applied in the generation plant. At the request of the Customer, the operating mode of the installation can be either continuous or periodic.

At the stage of preparation of the technical and commercial proposal for non-standard tasks, we conduct pilot tests to confirm the calculated technological and design parameters of the column equipment.

In order to optimize the investment and operating costs, the projected rectification plants use energy resources existing at the customer's enterprise and select the most energy-efficient equipment.

The proposed rectification units are fully automated, includes all necessary instrumentation and control equipment and shut-off valves.




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