Naphthalene rectification plants

Naphthalene is the most important raw material for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. One of the key applications in Russia is the raw material for the synthesis of superplasticizers for concrete, phthalic anhydride.

ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING offers a set of services for the construction of plants for the separation of naphthalene from both coal and oil raw materials.

Depending on the composition of the feedstock, the requirements for the purity of the final product, the rectification process can be supplemented with a preliminary step of demolding or isolation of low-boiling components, including those used as independent commercial products, and also the final stage of purification based on the difference in crystallization temperatures (static crystallization).


-High reliability of equipment

-Content of the main substance in the product up to 99% (depends on the composition of the feedstock and the requirements of consumers)

-Low power consumption

-Automation of the process

In addition, BREAK-ENGINEERING is ready to offer complex services for the supply of plants for the production of additives for concrete based on polynaphthalene sulfonate (superplatics of concrete), which are used to change the characteristics of concrete mixtures (workability, pumping, reduce water and mortar separation, regulate the loss of mobility of the mixture in time, and t .).

ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING has the production technologies of the following groups of superplasticizers:

- condensation products of naphthalenesulfonic acid with formaldehyde (PNS),

- condensation products of melamine with formaldehyde (MPS),

ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING together with European partners is ready to offer construction of plants both for the production of basic additives for concrete based on the PNS and MFS, as well as complex additives based on them.




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