Scaling plants

ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING offers design and complete delivery of equipment for scaling.

Scale plants are used to produce a solid product from the melted product in the form of flakes. The molten product is continuously fed to the receiving tray under the drum, the liquid level in the tray is adjusted so that the drum is immersed in the melt. The tray has a heating jacket to maintain the product temperature and prevent the product from solidifying inside the tray. By supplying cooling water to the inside of the drum, the molten product adheres to the cooled outer side of the rotating drum and then, when the drum rotates, the product solidifies and the product is cut with a knife to form flakes on the other side of the drum.

The size of the flake depends on the control of the rotational speed of the drum, the feed level, the temperature of the melt in the tray, and the temperature of the cooling water.

Scale settings are fully automated.

Additionally, at the request of the Customer, the scaling unit can be equipped with commercial accounting units, bagging products or big bags. 




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