Naphthalene is one of the most important components in the chemical industry. Derivatives of naphthalene are used to obtain dyes and explosives, in medicine, as an insecticide, to produce additives for concrete, and for other purposes.

Pure naphthalene is a product of the reprocessing of technical-grade pressed naphthalene or concentrated naphthalene fraction. It is obtained at domestic coke and chemical plants by way of rectification and sublimation.

The presence of different impurities in technical-grade naphthalene and naphthalene fraction capable of forming mixed crystals, azeotropic mixtures and complex compounds with the naphthalene do not enable high-purity naphthalene to be obtained by way of rectification only. Therefore, the technology for purifying naphthalene from impurities combines chemical processes and rectification. The purpose of such purification is to obtain a product containing at least 99% of the base substance - naphthalene.

ZAVKOM offers turnkey construction of installations for the purification and reprocessing of both coal naphthalene and petroleum naphthalene.

The key advantages of ZAVKOM's installations for purification and reprocessing of naphthalene are:

  • High reliability of equipment
  • Base substance content not lower than 99%
  • Low energy consumption
  • Automated process



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