Plants of formalin and UFC production

ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING together with a European partner is ready to offer construction of factories for the production of formalin and UFC.

The proposed process for the production of formaldehyde is based on the catalytic oxidation of methanol with air oxygen on an iron-molybdenum catalyst. The process is carried out at an air-to-methanol ratio in a safe concentration outside the explosive range. To maintain the necessary oxygen concentration, fresh air is diluted with a partially circulating exhaust gas enriched in nitrogen. During the passage of the vapor-gas mixture through the catalyst bed, almost complete oxidation of methanol to formaldehyde takes place. The release of formaldehyde from the reaction gases to produce formalin (UFC) of the desired concentration occurs by simple trapping in the absorption column with water (carbamide solution).

Reaction heat is utilized by the production of saturated water vapor with a pressure of up to 15 bar.

The installation of formalin production can produce a commercial product with a formaldehyde concentration of up to 55%.

The off-gases from the production of formaldehyde can be discharged into the atmosphere without additional purification, in the event that the Customer has requirements on the quantity and quality of the discharged gases into the atmosphere, the formaldehyde production plant can be equipped with a system for catalytic combustion of off-gases. 




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