Plants of glutinous structures preparation

ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING carries out the construction of plants for preparation of adhesive formulations based on various adhesive resins.

The proposed installations have the following features:

• Possibility to work with different recipes (as agreed from 1 to 6 loose

components and up to 4 liquid components)

• Ensuring the accuracy of dosing of components with an error of less than 1%

• Highly effective mixing of components of adhesive compositions in a specially designed dissolver reactor

• Fully automated control of the production process (loading of raw materials into the unit is carried out once a day)

• The "human factor" is excluded

• Automation of filling process with adhesive composition of consumable containers for

rolls and the return of excess glue

• Program specification of compounding formulations (quantity

recipes is not limited by software) and archiving of data

• Possibility of control by the technologist of all stages of the process of preparation of glutinous

• Completing the equipment with a resin cooling system up to 15-20 ° C in order to improve the quality of the ready-made glue.




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