Mini oil refineries

Mini oil refineries are installations for refining raw hydrocarbons with a capacity of up to 1 million tonnes of oil a year.

ZAVKOM supplies modular and integrated process equipment for refining oil and gas condensate.

These units are designed for the production of:

  • Straight-run petrol
  • Diesel fuel
  • Industrial fuel oil

Most frequently they are located at sites of oil and gas condensate extraction or sites where the consumers of oil products are based. In addition, kerosene and motor fuel may be produced at such units.

The units offered are made quickly and without significant costs on capital construction.

All units are configured with automatic process control systems, helping to minimise service personnel.

The process equipment of the units is designed and manufactured in accordance with existing norms, standards and climatic conditions of the region of construction.

Configuration of refinery is specified jointly with the customer and depends primarily on the quality of the primary raw material, the assumed capacity and the end products required.

ZAVKOM specialists always design several process flows for the most cost-effective and innovative oil refining solutions.




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