Bitumen plants

The increased level of construction in the world means annual growth of bitumen consumption. The field of application of this material is extensive: construction and repair of roads, waterproofing of housing foundations, production of roofing materials and filling cracks when laying pipelines. Bitumen binds the necessary components into a unified structure while preserving the necessary strength and plasticity.

In collaboration with leading Russian and international research and engineering companies, we are well placed to offer advanced bitumen production technologies:

  • Production of residual asphalt under technology for the high-vacuum distillation of fuel oil
  • Production of unoxidised compounded bitumen from asphalts of deasphalting process
  • Production of oxidised bitumen under the latest energy-saving and environmentally safe technologies with high performance and improved quality indicators for the produced bitumen
  • Production of road bitumen from low-resin oil with low content of asphaltenes

During design ZAVKOM performs 3D modelling of the sites under construction. 




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