Oil refineries

ZAVKOM implements high-tech EPC projects for refining of oil and gas condensate.

Crude unit for the preliminary distillation of oil is the first stage in raw hydrocarbons refining. As a result of the preliminary distillation, the following main products may be obtained: gasoline fraction (naphtha), diesel fraction, fuel oil, kerosene and others.

Naphtha, obtained at the crude unit, after mixing with octane boosters, may be used as car petrol, if the initial parameters of the oil allow it. After purification, kerosene becomes the main component of aviation fuel. Diesel is used as a motor fuel if the sulphur content does not exceed the norm. Fuel oil is used as furnace or marine fuel.

Secondary distillation units enhance the quality of the final products and increase oil processing depth. In line with customer demand, company specialists elaborate process flow for oil refineries, including units for the preliminary and secondary distillation of the oil.

Oil refineries are designed in accordance with the relevant norms and regulations, allowing for climatic conditions. Process equipment is fitted with the necessary control devices, emergency protection and automatic process control system, guaranteeing reliable operation in the set engineering regimes.

The engineering solutions applied in designing a refinery depend directly on the key parameters:

  1. Characteristics of feedstock
  2. Capacity
  3. End product

In line with the customer's requirements, we offer the most cost-effective and advanced engineering solutions for oil and gas-condensate refining. When selecting the process flow and the configuration of equipment, ZAVKOM collaborates with leading Russian and international engineering companies.





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