Epoxy resins

Epoxy resins are oligomeric products of the polycondensation of epichlorohydrin with polyatomic phenols, alcohols, polyamines, polybasic acids and products of the epoxidation (meaning the introduction of epoxy groups) of compounds, containing at least two olefinic bonds.

Hardened epoxy resins are characterised by high adhesion to metals, glass, concrete and other materials, and by mechanical strength, heat, water and chemical resistance and excellent dielectric indicators. The engineering, physical and mechanical properties of compositions on the basis of epoxy resins vary due to their combination with different monomers, oligomers and polymers, with mineral and organic fillers. Epoxy resins are used as the basis for high-strength bonds, adhesives and fillers, and for treating electrical insulation compounds, sealants, lacquers and expanded foam.

ZAVKOM is well placed to offer the turnkey construction of plants for the production of a varied range of epoxy resins.




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