Dry building mixes

Modern dry building mixes are a high-tech product. Their use not only significantly increases labour efficiency, but helps to achieve excellent qualitative results, which cannot be achieved using regular cement and sand mixes. The basis of dry building mixes is often sand or powdery quartz, limestone flour and powdery chalk.

Current demand for dry building mixes is growing, and many construction organisations try to make dry building mixes independently, procuring inexpensive equipment with the required output capacity for this purpose.

ZAVKOM designs and manufactures installations for the production of dry building mixes, which conform to the needs of the market. A distinguishing feature of these installations is their reliability and the release of high-quality products that satisfy all modern requirements.

The newest high-tech equipment from leading international manufacturers, combined with ongoing research, helps to achieve the very best quality of dry building mixes at ZAVKOM facilities.




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