Additives for concrete

Additives for concrete (plasticising and super-plasticising agents) are additives used to change the characteristics of the concrete mixture: workability, pumpability, reduction of water- and solution-separation, adjustment of losses in the mobility of the mix over time, etc.

Super-plasticising agents are usually divided into four groups: the products of the condensation of Sulphonated Naphthalene Formaldehyde (SNF), melamine sulpho-acids with formaldehyde (SMF), modified lignosulphonates (MLS) and other substances, including the ethers of sulpho-acids, carbohydrates, etc. The most effective of them, SMF and SNF, are produced in the form of sodium salts of the corresponding sulpho-acids.

ZAVKOM offers turnkey construction of plants for the production of entry-level additives for concrete on the basis of SNF and SMF, as well as a full set of additives.

The additives produced for concrete and solutions can be applied as follows:

  • in the production of commercial-grade concrete to obtain high-mobility and cast concrete mixes with greater lifetime used in erecting cast-in-place structures with a high degree of reinforcement and complex configuration
  • in the construction of all types of cast-in-place structures from heavy and fine-grained concrete, and concretes on porous aggregate for long-term transportation and laying of the concrete mix.
  • when erecting all types of constructions (including hydrotechnical structures, road and airport surfaces) from cast-in-place concrete under enhanced requirements for frost resistance, waterproofing and corrosion resistance
  • when erecting solid cast-in-place structures from high-strength concrete when the heat emission during hardening of the concrete has to be reduced or slowed to avoid the accumulation of internal stresses
  • when erecting flat and long structures, to reduce the number of movement joints
  • in the production of assembled structures from high-strength concrete, the manufacture on stands of solid, high-density reinforced structures (such as girders, beams, columns and bridge spanning structures) and reinforced concrete items
  • when manufacturing structural and heat-insulation light concretes simultaneously with air-entraining additives to reduce the water content under optimum hardness and tempering moisture of concrete prepared on fine aggregates (ash and ash-slag mixture of heat and power plants, expanded perlite sand and others) for manufacturing coatings with high operating properties etc.



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