Additive for diesel fuel "ZAVKOM-CETAN"

Additive for diesel fuel "ZAVKOM-CETAN" - is a highly effective promoter of ignition of domestic production and is intended for use in the process of fuel production in refineries and increase of Cetane number rating of diesel fuel on tank farms and in transport companies.
Use the additive allows you to:
- reduce the ignition delay time of diesel fuel, which facilitates the start-up of diesel engine especially in winter time;
to increase the uniformity of the combustion of the fuel mixture of diesel fuel, which increases engine power and reduces the diesel fuel consumption; fuel economy is around 5 – 7 %;
- increase the completeness of combustion of diesel fuel in the engine that prevents the formation of soot in the cylinder and reduces exhaust smoke, improves environmental performance.
Features of the additive "ZAVKOM-CETAN":
- excellent throttle response to a variety of diesel fuels;
- low toxicity, reduction in the formation of resins and carbon deposits;
- used in a package with anti-wear and depressor-dispersant additives with the characteristics of diesel fuel, including long-term storage;
- attractive economic performance – high efficiency in a small percentage of administration.

Physical-chemical properties of the Additive "ZAVKOM-CETAN"

Name of indicators

Value of the indicator


Outward appearance

Clear liquid from light yellow to yellow


Density at 15°C, kg/m3, not less than



The pour point of the pure additive, °C



Solubility in diesel fuel



Mechanical impurities and water


Additive for diesel fuel "ZAVKOM-CETAN" is used:
• refinery (oil refineries) to improve certain characteristics of the diesel fuel and bringing its properties up to the standards of  the requirements of the European standard EN 590:2009 (cetane number not less than 51 units);
• tank farms and filling station is used to improve the cetane number of diesel fuel in the manufacture of diesel fuel.
The dosage of the additive "ZAVKOM-CETAN"
When you enter to 1.0% by weight of the additive in diesel fuel the cetane number is increased to 10 units. The result of testing Additive has shown itself from the best side.




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