Glue production units

ZAVKOM performs the turnkey construction of installations for the preparation of adhesive compositions based on carbamide-formaldehyde and phenol-formaldehyde resins.

The proposed installations have the following features:

  • Ability to work with different formulae (under agreement, from 1 to 6 loose components and up to 4 liquid components)
  • Precision dosing of components with an error margin of less than 1%
  • Highly effective mixing of components of adhesive compositions in a specially designed dissolving tank
  • Embedded system for cooling the resins to 15-200ºС in order to improve the quality indicators of the end adhesive product
  • Fully automated control of the production process (raw material is loaded into the installation once a day)
  • Human factor is excluded
  • Automation of the process of filling the holding tanks on rolls with an adhesive composition; return of excess adhesive
  • Programmed setting of formulae for preparing adhesive compositions (the number of formulae is not limited programmatically) and data archiving
  • All stages of the adhesive composition preparation process are under the technologist's control



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